Ratty Scurvics

The Dragon's Den

October 02, 2004


I was in no position to mingle after the Ratty Scurvics concert at The Dragonís Den Saturday night. The form of my t-shirtís collar was worn away with sweat. Pretty disgusting but well worth it. I hadnít seen Scurvics before, so I didnít expect to dance my ass off when the show started. But, Scurvics played a mixture of punk and new wave that possessed visceral beats. I wasnít the only compelled to do some crazed, high-energy dance. The dance floor was full of people possessed to express themselves in their own special ways. The best thing about the music was that it was good for head banging AND leisurely snapping fingers.

Scurvics, The Singularity, was a one-man band. Below two keyboards were his kick drum and snare drum. The snare drum was tied to the ensemble and hit with a drum pedal by his left foot. Scurvics did all the vocals, which I didnít pay too much attention to. I was more focused on the music, but I do remember singing, some screaming, and a bit of crooning at the end of the set. Scurvics played very catchy melodies that were created with bass lines from one keyboard and organ sounds from the next. He was also a master of beats. They were all elemental, but they perfectly suited whatever melody he played. I guess thatís why everyone was thrown into a frenzy over the music. It was ďjump out of your skinĒ music.

Scurvics wore a wig and clown make-up. The clown image made sense when the music gravitated towards circus music. This happened fairly often.

The concert was great rave-up. Please go check this guy out.

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