Live New Orleans


House of Blues

December 15, 1996

This was my 18th birthday. What a better way to celebrate it than with my post-grunge, current day teen angst buddies, Weezer? Looking back on it, this was probably the best time to see the band. The original line-up was still intact, and they were playing songs off of "Pinkerton," which I hear they don't really do anymore.

This was right after that boat ran into The Riverwalk, so drummer Pat Wilson made a funny gangsterized "Waz up wit dat?" sort of comment about the incident. They went back and forth from first and second album songs. It was great. They were tight. To hear "Say It Ain't So" live was a real highlight. Rivers had a beard. I guess they won't be playing small places like House of Blues anymore. Waitin' on that fifth album.

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